June 2017

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Do you want to study abroad but you’re not yet sure where? Let Claire convince you why studying in Melbourne, Australia might just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Claire explains why she chose to study at Melbourne instead of Oxford or Cambridge. She talks about the cost of living in Melbourne and managing expenses on her monthly scholarship. She gives advice on putting together your application and how to apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship.

The insider on the Australia Awards Scholarship

Claire applied for the Australia Awards Scholarship sponsored by the Australian government. It covers all universities in Australia.

The scholarship is inclusive of full tuition for any school of your choice, a monthly stipend, and an establishment allowance. They also provide extra allowance for other purposes such as supplementary English lessons. Plus, they also sponsor your airfare to and from Australia via the most direct route.

Most of the awardees received 2,250 AUD, which Claire says half of it goes to her rent. However, you can get a cheaper place if you’re willing to live a bit farther from the university or share your room. If you budget your money well, this is definitely enough and you’ll still have some left over for leisure.

To apply for the scholarship, you need to submit an essay. This should tell them about yourself as a prospective awardee. Furthermore, you should also highlight what you can contribute to your country after receiving the scholarship.

Use your essay to set yourself apart from other applicants. Claire says you should also make it a point to show why the Australian government should invest in you. It’s good if you can show that you can really make a difference to your home country after completing your studies in Australia.

Why Australia?

For Claire, the biggest advantage of being able to study in Australia was the exposure to people of different nationalities. Especially for a student of public policy, she thinks that it’s important to have inputs from a variety of countries.

Furthermore, her peers’ good reviews of both the scholarship and the schools in Australia influenced her decision to study there. She also wanted a country that can give her good education on her desired field. Moreover, she wanted to study in an English-speaking country.

Her other choice was to study in the US, however her desired schools were too expensive for her. Furthermore, the scholarships she could get there would not be able to cover all expenses. Thus, she was more convinced to study in Australia.

Claire is a CNN Philippines correspondent covering business and economics. She completed a Master of Public Policy and Management at the University of Melbourne.

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If YouTube is blocked in your country, you can view the video here. What’s so good about studying abroad? Aside from the quality education, there are also some priceless experiences […]