Why finding a mentor is the most important thing for your research

Over the weekend, I got to catch up with my friend Sherdon. I wanted to know how important it was for him to find a mentor while completing his application and doing research. Let me share with you his thoughts on this.

Sherdon is currently completing a PHD degree on wind energy at the Birmingham City University (BCU) in the UK.

Sherdon mentioned that applying in BCU was competitive. Before even looking for a mentor, he urges future applicants to do find research interests early. With this, you can go about the research with deep knowledge on it. From there, you can build a network and possibly collaborate.

After completing these initial steps, you can focus on the two essentials. For Sherdon, his mentors and the research proposal were vital for his application. He had to look for mentors in order to aid him in his research proposal.

His mentors were able to review his drafts and give constructive criticism.s After all comments were addressed, he confidently submitted this alongside other requirements.

Other than this, his mentor took part in deciding if BCU was the right school for him.

Without these mentors taking the time in order to help him out, Sherdon might have had a difficult time getting to the UK. Thus, it’s really important to reach out. Applications are competitive and you need all the boost you can get.

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Good luck and may all your dreams come true!

Love, A Friend Abroad